Ronald G. Samson was born May 23rd, 1937. He had one sister, Carolyn, born February 2nd, 1931. As a child he lived in the tiny little town of Clarion, Iowa. Although his father Bert was known to do a variety of things, Bert is probably best remembered as the Ford dealer in Clarion.

Ron had many hobbies growing up, including building gas-powered model airplanes, ham radio, ukelele, and electronics in general. His early involvement in electronics led to a career working at Square D Company as plant manager. The company made a variety of electrical products including switches, circuit breakers, electrical distribution, and lighting control components.

Ron enjoyed sailing, vintage cars, jazz music, and most notably ham radio. He held a General Class ham license with call sign W0DCB, the license originally being issued in 1953 when we was 16.

Ron married Susan Smith, also from Clarion, Iowa, and they had three children: Mary, Sarah, and Rob.

In recent years Ron has been busy volunteering as a tax preparer.


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